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March 4
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Skeksis court -Color. by smeagolisme Skeksis court -Color. by smeagolisme
At long last, the Skeksis court color version is here!
I am a bit disapointed myself with the way the drapings to the background came up...I expected themt o look more realistic and shady, as to give the whole thing a greater depth...but I simply couldn't manage to get it the right way.
I hope that error is not enough to take the whole picture down...
I still like how the different colors and patterns of each Skeksis garments look...
Well...all said, lets get into it!

Since there will be some more drawings on these guys in the future, this picture is intended to be as well as an exercise in their anatomy and clothing, a small guide to "WHO-IS-WHO" in their court.
Let's get to it!:

To the far left and back, The fat skeksis with the rounded neck frill is SkekAyuk, the Gourmand His face relaxed and with a numbly smile He's likely hungry. The one who is beside him, to the front, and hogging attention by displaying  his luxurious garments is SkekEkt, the ornamentalist. Right behind him we can see a bit of the head of a Skeksis holding a bag full of money. This is SkekShod, the Treasurer (who will hate me for making him so unnoticeable). Beside him, continuing to the right, is SkekSil, the Lord Chamberlain, showing his permanent trademark smirk, and possibly whimpering (when is he not whimpering?).No wonder he's staring at the emperor with such loving eyes, since he desires to be the next in line for this power position.
At the center of the picture, is SkekSo, self-acclaimed as the Great Emperor of the lot. By his side we can see SkekUng, the General and Garthim master, scowling and crossing arms in a fit of anger, which is not unusual in him. Behind him, the one eyed and a- hook for a left hand- SkekNa, the Slave master, grunts at his surroundings...probably trying to figure if any slaves off the picture are not doing their choirs.Even further to the back we see SkekTek, the scientist. He is coldly watching as he tries to figure out what the cammera is while we take the group picture. Strutting to the front to his right, there appears SkekZok, the Ritual Master, his pose and gesture as magnificent and hieratical as he can get it to be. He loves being thought of as a oath-worthy priest. Last but not least (This until you ask the other Skeksis, who consider him a small weakling) There is the multiple glass wearing SkekOk, the scrollkeeper and scribe, his arms full of papers and notes, scrolls and maps. He is trying to hold a quill to denote he's paying attention, but he's likely to fall asleep as soon as the true burocratic work starts.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed drawing it!

*Disclaimer* All skeksis, personal traits and design belong to Jim Henson , Brian Froud and his team of workers who created them for The Dark Crystal*
I highly reccomend all fantasy movie lovers to watch The Dark Crystal. It is a masterpiece of fantasy!
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queenmoreta Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The amount of detail in this is so very impressive, it makes for such a spectacular image!.

and each Skeksis looks perfect! they each have a very fitting expression and pose, I think SkekEkt is my favorite here, he looks so flamboyant and all "look at me!" Lol!
smeagolisme Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Professional General Artist
I am very proud that you like it so much!
I killed myself detailing, but it was worth it: these guys live and breathe flamboyancy and details! ^^ They wouldn't look right without them!

It flatters me a lot that you think they look like their movie versions! :happycry: I am actually making an attempt at "adopting them" to my style of drawing, but without losing their likenesess and particularities!
Ah, good old SkekEkt. He cannot stop hogging attention! XD He knows himself to be the most "fashionable" amongst his peers, how could he not want to be seen and properly appreciated?...
Ektdiva by smeagolisme  
queenmoreta Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
heheheh how could he not indeed!. He is the most fashionable of the bunch!

but still, my favorite remains with the Ritual Master :3.
smeagolisme Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
And knows it! XD...

Ah, good old Zok...He was an interesting face indeed!...Those eyes he had were mesmerizing!
His golden carapace, and his "tired of everything" expression...He was as unique as the others!
Whatever most people would claim about them being a bunch of awful creatures...i always found a strange kind of beauty in all of them. If even a decadent beauty. 

I don't only mean their clothes (which are rich enough as to make any human king or queen die in envy!) but also their twisted and strange bodily forms. Even as a kid  that scene with the undressed Chamberlain let me thinking I didn't hate what i saw. For me, he looked like the combination of a maniraptoran dinosaur, a vulture, adding some mammalian features. Not our obvious and everyday concept of beauty...but not an entire aberration either !...
For me it was an interesting sight. More when It dawned on me that this particular scene was used by Henson cleverly to sell all of us the notion that "There wasn't just a bunch of filling and cables underneath those lumping  robes, but true solid skeksis"
queenmoreta Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yes! you described them so perfectly!. The typical, gorgeous, marble stoned adonis type characters get so boring and dull at times. :/.

I even have my own character who isn't what I would consider the typical "good looking type" I also looked to the Skeksis as a source of reference as my character has a heavily scarred face and I wanted it to have a disfigured look to it. I absolutely loved the gnarled lumpy looks on the Skeksis face and found them to be an excellent resource to study as they weren't just some flat cgi surface, they were a physical, tangible object.

I also don't remember naked Chamberlain bothering me as a kid, I liked him and felt sorry for him XD.
weasel-girl Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think SkekShod would be more angry at SkekSil and SkekEkt for pushing him to the back. :XD:
Anyway, I think the background looks fine and I love how all the Skeksis are all gathered for this pic. ^^
smeagolisme Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
Probably, yes! :nod:
SkekShod: "How dare you two! Out of my-...I'm invisible here ,behind- ...MOVE OFF"!...Let me...ungh!...I CAN PAY YOU...UP TO THREE GOLDEN COINS EACH IF YOU MOVE!!!"
SkekEkt: The audience NEEDS to see the details on my garments...OFF WITH YOU!
SkekSil: You are subordinate to ME, gold-biter!...BACK OFF!....*making a small oversweet bow to SkekSo* Mylord...hmmmmmm....


Thank you!...The background murdered me...then ate me and spat my remains...eeaugh.
It is the harder thing for me, to work the backgrounds properly.
Micho-Michito Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Student General Artist
me qued apendiente es apelicula, pero se nota el gran esfuerzo y amor por esta, te felicito :clap: esta bien bien bonito :heart:
smeagolisme Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Gracias Vanessa!
Si que la quiero mucho...creci con ella, asi como con el señor de los solo que la tenia semi siquiera se por que O.O
Micho-Michito Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
mm!! algunas veces tenemos tantas cosas que ahcer que s enos olvida parte d enuestra inancia, wow!! que dramatica fui ^^; no es que estamos ocupadas simple XDDD
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